About Us

Entrinix is based web software development companies with offices in Los Angeles and London. Founded by two business partners with degrees and professional experience in business, banking, engineering and software development.

Entrinix combines the knowledge and experience in both business and technology to provide you with high quality effective solutions. We excel by leveraging over 15 years of experience in web and software technologies. We have worked with multinational corporations in three continents using our deep knowledge and understanding the importance of combining business acumen, marketing, and technology to every project.

At Entrinix, we believe that technology is a means to achieve a business goal, with marketing being the engine to showcase the product or service in the respective industry. Our principles aim to serve a defined business goal: whether it is to build a profitable e-Commerce system, a cost savings efficiency system, or a new tool to increase customer satisfaction. The completion of a project is not the end of our business relationship with the client. We support the systems that we build, providing our clients with business cases for improvements, upgrades, and continuous consultations throughout the life cycle of the project.